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Home Design Trends: These Are the Most Popular Roof Colors in Englewood

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With the coming of spring, we’re encouraged to refresh our lives, routines, and living environments. This season offers homeowners an ideal chance to contemplate home projects geared toward rejuvenating their exteriors. Whether it involves repairing roof damage or simply updating the aesthetic, let’s delve into top roof color trends for 2024.

2024 Popular Roof Colors & Styles


Opting for a neutral color palette ensures a classic and enduring aesthetic. Be it beige tones or richer browns, these shingles convey a feeling of stability, assurance, and calmness in home design. Pairing them with lighter siding and perhaps a bold dark trim creates a harmonious and visually striking exterior that stands the test of time.

popular roof colors, best roof colors, trending roof colors

Rustic, Earthy Browns & Grays

In 2024, there’s a notable resurgence of earthy tones as the preferred choice for slate roof shingles. Colors like “Slate Gray” and “Earthen Brown” evoke a deep connection to nature, instilling a sense of harmony and serenity. Their versatility seamlessly complements various architectural designs, from traditional to contemporary styles.

Black and White

Black roofs are a favored choice for modern and contemporary designs, boasting a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that creates a striking contrast with lighter exteriors. They add depth and drama, lending a timeless appeal that complements diverse architectural styles. In contrast, white roofs offer a clean and crisp look, often linked with modern and minimalist designs, while also providing practical advantages like heat reflection and visual expansion, making them adaptable to various architectural styles and climates.

popular roof colors, best roof colors, trending roof colors

Bold Show-Stoppers

This year, vibrant and captivating hues are gaining traction as leading options for metal roof shingles. Colors such as “Crimson Red” and “Forest Green” make a bold statement against the surroundings, distinguishing your home in the neighborhood. Ideal for modern and eclectic architectural styles, these vibrant hues inject personality and character into your home’s exterior.

Mid- to Dark Grays

In the current year, asphalt shingle roofing materials in the dark gray spectrum offer a dash of drama to your home exterior. When combined with lighter siding, they produce a bold visual contrast, making a statement in your neighborhood. Choosing neutral tones ensures versatility in coordinating with your existing siding, ensuring durability as gray continues to stand the test of time as a timeless choice.

Choosing The Right Shingle Color

How do I choose a shingle color? If this seems like an insurmountable decision, consider these three important aspects of the project overall.

Tone of Overall Exterior Design

Consider your overall exterior design carefully when selecting a roof shingle color, as it establishes the mood for your home’s visual charm. Your choice of shingle color significantly influences how your home is perceived in terms of size, style, and personality, playing a pivotal role in its overall design and curb appeal.


When choosing a siding color and material, your budget plays a crucial role in determining your options. Different siding materials incur varying costs, and specific colors or finishes may come at a premium. Being aware of your budget helps streamline your choices, ensuring you find a siding color and material that not only reflects your style but also fits within your financial boundaries.

Exterior Aspects Already Implemented

If you’re not updating your siding at the same time, ensure your new roof blends seamlessly with the existing siding. Consider how the new roof will complement your current siding during your selection process. Choose a shingle color that enhances the overall aesthetic of your exterior, harmonizing with the siding, trim, and architectural style to achieve a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

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